Hi there! Welcome to Belle Amour Blog.

A little bit about me:


My name is Stephanie and I am a wife to my wonderful husband, and mommy to our precious little girl. We just built our very first house, a beautiful three story attached home in a cute little town, modeled to be a contemporary take on the historic Boston row homes. I have always been passionate about design, and I am having so much fun putting our own personal touches on our home, using my eye for design to fill it with beautiful pieces that suit our style but are also budget friendly, DIYing to my heart’s content, and turning this new build house into a home for my family by filling it up with as much beauty and love as it can handle. I am not a professional interior designer, and I don’t claim to know all of the “rules”, but I know what I love and what makes my home feel beautiful, personal, and inspiring.

I hope that our home, projects, and ideas will inspire you to create beauty in your own home and in your life as well. I am so excited to share our home and our journey in it with you!