Hi there! Welcome to Belle Amour Blog.

A little bit about me:


My name is Stephanie and I am a wife to my wonderful husband, and mommy to our precious little girl who recently turned One! We just built our very first house, a beautiful three story attached home in a cute little town, modeled to be a contemporary take on the historic Boston row homes. I have always been passionate about design, and I am having so much fun putting our own personal touches on our home, using my eye for design to fill it with beautiful pieces that suit our style but are also budget friendly, creating handmade items and DIYing to my heart’s content, and turning this new build house into a home for my family by filling it up with as much beauty and love as it can handle. I am not a professional interior designer, and I don’t claim to know all of the “rules”, but I know what I love and what makes my home feel beautiful, personal, and inspiring.

I hope that our home, projects, and ideas will inspire you to create beauty in your own home and in your life as well. I am so excited to share our home and our journey in it with you!


My Style:

A simple & cozy Fall home tour with neutral decor and warm textures

If I had to describe my decorating style in three words, they would be farmhouse-industrial-chic. I love everything vintage, but I love throwing in some fresh clean modern elements as well. I believe that a mixture of masculine and feminine adds so much unexpected beauty to a space. I love decorating with distressed woods, metals, chalkboards, old beat up windows, etc. and then throwing in beautiful feminine touches such as white ceramics, pretty hand painted calligraphy signs, greenery, and pretty florals. I firmly believe that a home should be personal and should reflect your family and the love that you share, so I will never shy away from hanging family photos on the walls and displaying them proudly as part of your home’s decor. (Black and whites are my favorite!) Above all, I believe that home should be a calm and beautiful place where you can unwind and spend time with those you love, and the decor should be a reflection of your style and personality.

Where I shop:
My go-to places for affordable furniture and home decor (and where a good majority of the items in my home are from):
Cost Plus World Market | Home Goods | Target | IKEA | Hobby Lobby | Michaels | Local vintage markets & antique stores


A little bit about the history of Belle Amour Designs:

Belle Amour Banner_edited-1

I have always had a passion for crafting and design. In 2012 I designed and handmade almost every piece of decor for my wedding. After that I got the most amazing feedback from family and friends and decided to open my Etsy shop, Belle Amour Designs, and offer beautiful handmade items to other Brides and Grooms for their special day. I was so blown away by how quickly my little shop grew. It truly blessed our life and allowed me to quit my full time job and focus solely on my business. When I got pregnant with our baby girl, I decided to work on the business up until she was born and then take a few months off for maternity leave. Well truth be told, babies are a lot of work and the stay-at-home Mom gig is no joke! (Seriously – props to every mom ever.) Returning to my busy one woman shop just didn’t seem possible at the time. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing time with my sweet girl, and babies do sleep occasionally, but I mean – houses have to get cleaned and dinner cooked sometimes too, right? And then we started building a house, and those intended few months of leave turned into over a year. My husband and I discussed it and he was fully supportive of me not picking my shop back up for a while, if at all. It was a huge relief, but to be honest I really missed having a creative outlet. Once we moved into the house my creative juices were unleashed and finally started flowing freely again in the form of designing and decorating our new home. We have tackled so many projects and turned this house into a home that I am so proud of, but creating a home is a journey that never ends, and the next step in the creative process for me was the decision to start blogging and share this journey with all of you. I am so excited about this next step, and I hope that you enjoy following along on our journey!