Happy Friday friends! I am so excited to share our newly finished master retreat with you today! Have you ever had a room in your home that just took forever to get its act together? Was it filled with a hodgepodge of mismatched “stuff” or a pile of boxes for far longer than you would like to admit? For us that was our master bedroom. 

We focused the majority of our time and budget on beautifying the rest of the house when we moved in (you know, the part everyone sees when they come over). Our poor bedroom sat unfinished for months. We had a bed, a dresser, and a TV, so I guess you could say that it functioned, but that was it. There was nothing on the walls, everything was mismatched, and a couple of boxes of random decor sat in the corner. We slept there, and that was about it because it was most definitely not a relaxing space in the slightest.

About three months ago we slowly but surely got to work on this space. I was a little indecisive about a few things, so it took quite a bit of time and patience to find the “perfect pieces”, but we finally did it! Now here were are almost 10 months into home ownership, and I am so excited to reveal to you the finished master retreat we have been planning and working on for so long!



Just through the door to the master bedroom is this long hallway. My husband asked his friend who works for a sheet metal company to make this gorgeous “grow old along with me” sign for our anniversary, and I immediately knew that I wanted to hang it along with photos from our wedding vows in the entryway to our master retreat. I absolutely adore that this is the first thing you see when you enter this space. It is so special to us.


img_5233-copyFor the color palette, I wanted to keep it light bright and airy to create a relaxing retreat, so I decided on lots of woods and whites with accents of black & gray and soft pops of teal and mint. I chose white bedding and curtains to keep it airy. I love the fact that there are two large windows in here (holy natural light!), so I chose to accentuate that by hanging two sets of curtains. It gives it such a luxurious, serene feel and I get legitimately giddy every time I step into this space and I’m greeted with this view. And of course, those b&w family photos I put in these teal frames from the flea market just belong there.



Our bed is one of my very favorite parts of the room! The upholstered headboard, white pintuck bedding, and plethora of cozy pillows make it so plush and cozy with a soft, elegant vibe. And you guys: Every single piece of bedding minus the sheets were purchased from HomeGoods and therefore did not cost a fortune like bedding often does. Can I get a hallelujah?



The wall behind our bed is large, but I wanted to keep it clean and minimal. I made this simple DIY Magnolia Wreath, and I love the way it looks standing on its own above our headboard. You can find my tutorial here.



The large mirror reflects the light from the windows creating an even brighter space, and the black color grounds the room and ties in our dresser.

The cedar chest at the foot of our bed belonged to my Grandmother, and I debated refinishing it for a while before finally deciding to keep it in its original form and add in other natural wood elements throughout the room to tie it in. I am so glad I made that decision, because I truly LOVE what all of the natural wood brings to this room, and I love that I have a piece of my family’s history in here.



In keeping with the antique theme, I was ecstatic when I found these old shutters at a local vintage store. I had been searching for the perfect pieces for our nightstands for months, and I couldn’t believe how perfectly these matched the color of the trunk. You better believe they were snatched up the second I laid my eyes on them!


img_5253-copy In addition to natural wood tones, don’t underestimate the power of a good throw when it comes to cozying up a room. I adore this light plaid one from HomeGoods for Fall!



And of course, since we just entered into Fall you know I had to throw a vignette together with a few of my favorite things: pumpkins, cotton stems, and coffee. I just love the contrast of this weathered wood tray against the clean, bright white bedding.



And that blue velvet pumpkin from Target? Come on! ALL the heart eyes.



Rotating around to the other side of the room, you see the other side of the entry hallway, my husband’s closet (he gave me the big walk-in closet just through our en suite on the other side of the hallway. What a sweetheart!), and the amazing LOVE shelf that he built me right after we got married.



He did such a beautiful job! This shelf is so sentimental for me and I absolutely LOVE that it is hanging in our room now and I get to look at it every day.



To balance things out, we added these floating shelves to the wall just to the other side of the dresser and TV. (I still need to add a sign above the TV, so you don’t get to see that yet. It’s a TV. It’s on the wall, it’s big, it’s black, you get the picture. Let’s just be clear that if I had my way it wouldn’t be in here at all, but I digress.)

Anyways, I added in some pretty with this wingback chair from IKEA and a simple side table to create a cozy reading nook.



A simple pumpkin and florals paired with the plaid throw give a touch of Fall to this corner of the room too.



I kept these shelves simply decorated as well. I made the chalkboard sign, and that AMAZING Farmhouse sign is from my sweet friend Sarah at Fourth & Maple. You simply must check out her website. She makes the most beautiful signs!



And last but not least, a quick glimpse in at our en suite. I love this bathroom. We have never had double sinks until now, so that alone is enough to give this simple girl googly eyes. I carried the wood tones and pops of teal from our bedroom through this space as well, and I love the warm and cohesive feel it has now.

I would love to frame out this mirror, and we plan to add a barn door to separate the bathroom and bedroom soon so there is more to come in this space for sure. Stay tuned for that!


I am just head over heals in love with the way our master retreat turned out. I’m so happy that my husband and I now have a beautiful and relaxing space to unwind, watch Netflix together, read, or snuggle up as a family and watch cartoons with our daughter on lazy Saturday mornings. It is calm and peaceful, but most of all I love that it includes so many things that are special to us. I truly feel that creating a space that is a reflection of you and your family is the best way to create a home that you will love for the long haul.

Thank you so much for stopping by for my room tour! I hope that you enjoyed it and you were able to find some inspiration. Have a beautiful weekend!

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