IMG_4451Happy Friday! I am so excited to be teaming up with some super talented bloggers for a Summer Home Refresh Blog Hop this weekend. From today through Sunday, we will be sharing how we have each refreshed our home for the Summer months. Be sure to follow the links at the end of my post and check out all of the amazingness each of these ladies has in store for you this weekend!

 For me, refreshing my home for the summer is all about simplifying my decor, bringing fresh flowers and greenery into my home, lightening up my spaces with lots of whites and neutrals, and of course throwing in some punches of color here and there (yellow and navy are my favorites for summer!)

If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen a little bit of my summer decor, but today I want to take you on a full summer tour of a few of the main living spaces in my home.


When your enter through the front door, our entry table is directly to the left. We actually just completed this space at the beginning of the summer (If you remember my tour of this space from an earlier post, that clock was the only thing on that wall previously! I am loving finally having a furniture piece here to add some interest to the space and provide some functional storage and a place to throw our keys, sunglasses, etc. I like to keep the decor in this space simple and light for summer, and of course I have to keep some pretty summery flowers on the table! I love this tiny pop of color these pretty little yellow faux flowers add.

IMG_4464(Say hi to my little photobombing design assistant!)


Directly across from the entryway and to the right of the front door is our den / my office space. This was one of my favorite spaces to “summer up”. I love switching out my chalkboard art with the seasons, and it can be seen right from our front door so it sets the feel for the season throughout the house. These Kenny Chesney lyrics put an instant smile on my face and keep me humming all the live long summer day.


This little wire basket filled with some faux greenery, DIY wooden beads, and antique books along with this rope lantern and faux hydrangea keep my desk feeling fresh, simple and summery.



You all know I’m a big fan of neutrals in my home, because they make it so easy to add in pops of color or switch out your decor with the seasons or just whenever you feel like it. I love the way my mostly neutral furniture and walls allow me to effortlessly throw in a few fun, bright colors for summer.


IMG_4470Just through this hallway is our informal entry directly off of the garage.


I didn’t do much to this space, just added in a cute striped pillow and some faux greenery, but other than that my diaper bag and our shoes that always seem to be hanging out in this space keep it feeling pretty summery. (P.S. I am a big fan of stripes, especially for summer! Something about them just feels so fresh and fun 🙂 )


Heading up the stairs to the main floor, the next space I added a little bit of summer to is our dining space.

IMG_4441I kept it super simple in here, adding a subtle blue patterned table runner with fringe (I am all about fringe for summer!) and a pretty little Maidenhair Fern in my olive bucket for the centerpiece. This pretty little plant is the epitome of fresh, summer greenery. I have wanted one for so long but I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to keep it alive (say hi to my black thumb) but I did a little bit of research and I’ve managed to keep it alive and thriving for almost a month now! I just throw it in the sink with a couple handfuls of ice cubes every night and take it out in the morning. So far it has done the trick!



Also, I know it doesn’t really classify as summer decor, but I just have to dote on my new windmill clock for a minute. I about fainted when I saw a clearance sticker on it for THIRTY DOLLARS at HomeGoods! I can’t get over the way it completes this space. Now I just have to buy a clock kit for it, but let’s be honest – most of the clocks in my house don’t work anyways. Oops!

The next space I added a little bit of subtle summer to is our living room.

We spend most of our time at home in this space, so even in the warm summer months I still like for it to feel cozy.


I like to keep this space pretty neutral and stick to my whites, blacks, blues, and wood tones. I swapped out some darker pillows for these light, fresh ones, and put the heavy throws away in favor of these lighter ones. Just enough to snuggle up on the couch in the evening with the windows open and the warm summer breeze blowing in.



And of course, some fresh flowers. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think carnations get a bad rep. These babies stay alive for.e.ver and I love the way these white ones look in my favorite milk bottle vases.


These shelves on the gallery wall above our couch had basically stayed the same since we moved in eight months ago, but I finally decided that it was time to lighten them up a little bit for summer. I switched out a couple of darker signs and vases for more bright whites and woods.


This sign that The Serendipitous Home custom made for me is the most perfect addition to these shelves. These lyrics have spoken to my soul since the first time I ever heard this song, and I’m so glad I get to look at them every day now. I love Bob Dylan. (Also, does this song make anybody else miss Parenthood? Hands down my favorite show in the history of ever.)


And this pretty little sign from Fourth & Maple adds the most perfect bit of brightness and happiness to this space. I love it!



I kept the tray on our ottoman pretty simple with some faux greenery, a fruity smelling Anthro candle, and some pretty marble coasters.



I kept the decor on and around our media cabinet fresh with greenery including my beloved Fiona the Fiddle Leaf Fig and these big bushy summer arrangements from Trader Joe’s that I just can’t get enough of. (And apparently photobombing runs in the family… Hi Kitty.)

IMG_4409 copy


I keep the throws on my blanket ladder and the extra pillows in this basket pretty light and bright for the season, and I think that Navy chevron pillow adds such a cute summer vibe to the room. Little details go a long way, folks!

And last but not least, my favorite summer accessory totally showing off. Check out that sunshine y’all!
Refreshing your home for summer doesn’t need to be expensive or take a lot of effort. When it is hot outside, light and airy simple spaces are my jam. Think light, bright, simple, fresh, and fun, and you will have a fresh space for summer that you love spending time in (when you aren’t outside having way too much fun in the sun or working on your tan of course 😉 )

Be sure to come back each day this weekend and take a look at all of the amazing summer inspiration being shared as part of our Summer Home Refresh Blog Hop! You can also follow along with us on Instagram using #summerhomerefresh, and find me there @belleamourblog. Have a great weekend friends!

38 thoughts on “Summer Home Refresh

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thank you Jessica! So much fun! I am very happy to have met you too. Thank you for including me 🙂


    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thank you sweet Martha! I gotta say… it’s one of my favorite furniture pieces in our home for sure. It’s also toddler friendly which is a big bonus!


    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thank you so much Holli! Haha well I’m glad I’m not alone. I sometimes forget they are supposed to serve a purpose other than just looking pretty. That is until someone comes over and tells me my clocks are wrong… haha!


    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thank you Hayley! It’s actually the sign I won from your giveaway! She offered me either the Farmhouse sign or anything I wanted on this sign, and I’d been wanting this song displayed in my home for so long. I’m so happy with it, she does beautiful work!


  1. Kari @prairiegirlhome

    Stephanie, I just love your home! You have beautiful taste! Your chalkboard art is so cute, you have great penmanship! What type of chalk marker/pen do you use? It looks nice and thick! I have a thing for stripes as well, that diaper bag is the cutest one I have ever seen! That Bob Dylan song always makes me tear up, and yes, I still mourn the loss of Parenthood;) So happy I got to meet you through the blog hop!


    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thank you so much Kari! You are too sweet. I actually don’t use anything too special, just whatever medium point chalk markers I find in the craft store. So happy to find someone who loves stripes and Parenthood as much as me 🙂 So happy we got to do this blog hop together too!


    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thank you so much Keila! That means a lot! So happy to have met you through this blog hop 🙂


  2. yuni

    Stephanie, your home is just lovely! I have the same World Market tufted chair in my office and love it. Btw, your penmanship is amazing on that chalkboard! I agree with decorating and sprucing up a space with fresh flowers. Nothing like it! Great job and just beautiful!


    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thank you Yuni! Ohh I just love World Market! And absolutely – fresh flowers make for the best home decor during this season 🙂


  3. Beth

    Stephanie I absolutely love everything about your post! your home is so gorgeous and I realized we are both maiden hair fern lovers – I love mine and thought I was going to kill it as well but it is still going strong! I love how your home is so fresh, bright, and inviting!! So glad you joined us on this blog hop and look forward to more collabs together!! xo, Beth


    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thank you so very much Beth! Your kind words mean so much to me. Aah so glad you are a maidenhair fern lover too! Aren’t they just the best?! And apparently a lot less finicky than we thought 🙂 Thank you so much for inviting me to join the blog hop. Looking forward to nany more collabs, and I can’t wait to see your post tomorrow!


    1. Stephanie Post author

      Oh thank you so much Tiffany, you are so kind! So fun to get to know you more through this blog hop. Looking forward to your post tomorrow as well!


  4. Linda

    Stephanie, your home is beautiful! I have so many favorites, but I must say that ottoman has been on my wishlist for over a year now, it adds such a gorgeous pop of color in your living room. I also love those little faux plants and have a ton of them Lovely summer refresh!


    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words Linda! The ottoman is definitely one of my favorite furniture pieces. So fun to have met you through this blog hop!


  5. Kellie

    Stephanie, where do I start? Your home is so bright and cozy!! I love all of the gallery wall & your eye for making the best vignettes! Your blanket ladder, your awesome furniture & of course your adorable photo bomber!! I love it all. It was so much fun to do this blog hop with you!


    1. Stephanie Post author

      Oh my goodness Kellie thank you so much! You are the sweetest. I am so happy we got to do this blog hop together too! So fun! 🙂


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