This is a very different post than I have ever shared on this blog before. If you follow me on social media you know that we lost our baby girl at 25 weeks of pregnancy back in mid December. I have been pretty quiet about our story up until this point, and we have taken the past few months to grieve privately as a family. Today would have been our sweet baby’s due date. It is likely the day we would have brought her into our life, so I think it is only fitting that it is the day we share her story with the world.

I am planning to start posting more “real life” on this blog, and this is about as real as it gets.  Please know that this is not easy to read. It is raw, it is long, it is painful, and it is exactly how we lived it. I hesitated to share this here at all, but I know that there are so many people who care about us and want to hear our story. I know that one of the things that has helped me feel less lonely through all of this has been hearing and reading stories from other brave Mamas who have angel babies. And I know that her tiny little life had a purpose. She changed me, and if she can touch even just one person, then she has accomplished so much.


Here is Audrey’s Story: