Baby Gates : A necessary evil when you’ve got little ones running around in a house with any amount of stairs, let alone a three story row home with two ridiculously tall stair cases. As soon as we saw the model for our house we knew that we were going to need at least a few baby gates, and after seeing the options or lack thereof out there on the market, I knew I wanted to build our own. We needed at least a couple, and since they were going to be very visible in our home (you can see the first staircase right from the front door) I knew I wanted something custom and cute that would not stick out like a sore thumb. We used some cheap temporary gates as needed at first, and unfortunately since we had those and it wasn’t an immediate necessity, our big baby gate project kept getting put on the back burner.  Now here we are, almost 8 months after moving in and we FINALLY have our first beautiful, custom baby gate up.

IMG_4293 copy